Conference Presentations

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01 1 A roadmap to enabling green hydrogen to decarbonize industry and transport Luc Graré Lhyfe
02 2 On the path to low Levelized Costs of Hydrogen (LCOH): electrolysis technologies considerations Carlos-Bernuy Lopez Ramboll
03 3 Developing large-scale hydrogen projects – uncertainties and challenges (from real-life projects) Alexander Spiess Hynamics Deutschland
04 4 Challenges and opportunities in scaling up alkaline water electrolysis Thijs de Groot HyCC
05 5 Large-scale water electrolysis for decarbonized and other hard-to-abate industries Paul Dainora thyssenkrupp nucera
06 6 Developing the world’s most efficient PEM electrolyser Jan Schmidt Hystar
07 7 Optimization of compression solutions for (green) hydrogen Michael Schulz Siemens Energy
08 8 The role of efficient heat transfer in hydrogen production Achim Heiming Alfa Laval
09 9 Duplex stainless steel in heat exchangers for alkaline electrolyzers Angela Philipp Alleima
10 10 Platinum group metals: an enabler for hydrogen, not a barrier Marge Ryan Johnson Matthey
11 11 Hydrogen service – an unprecedented benchmark for valve technology: challenges & solutions Eduard Ametller HABONIM
12 12 Floating wind, hydrogen and the green steel: entwined technologies propelling a low-carbon future Jamie Frew 12 TO ZERO
13 14 Hydrogen storage in salt caverns – the Hypster project Catherine Gras Storengy
14 15 HyStorage – investigating the influence of hydrogen mixtures on a porous reservoir Christian Kosack Uniper Energy Storage
15 16 Developing a flexible underground hydrogen storage solution Robin Lane Gravitricity
16 17 Accelerating the adoption of hydrogen: reducing the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen by going large scale Gregor Ziemann H-TEC SYSTEMS
17 18 Efficient AEM electrolysis with DURAION® membranes Christian Schnitzer Evonik
18 19 SOEC electrolysis – the game changer for industrial applications Christian von Olshausen Sunfire
19 20 The development of offshore hydrogen production to enable further growth of offshore wind in the Netherlands René Peters TNO
20 21 Ammonia as hydrogen carrier – how to increase efficiency of hydrogen reconversion? Frank Sowa DMT Group
21 22 LOHC technology – an important building block for flexible and demand-oriented hydrogen supply to decarbonize the steel industry Peter Gless Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies
22 23 From electricity to hydrogen: the impact of electrolyzers on process safety risks Yannick Dandois Vinçotte
23 24 H2-ready? Component and plant quality assessment by third parties Thomas Gallinger TÜV SÜD
24 25 Hyperlink: developing a hydrogen network in North-West Germany Hans Jonk Gasunie Energy Development READ PDF
Presentation Title Author Company PDF