Transport & Storage News

In this section you can find news items related to a wide range of equipment and components used in the transport and storage of both gaseous and liquified hydrogen, including pipelines, tank and underground storage, and all associated equipment. If you would like to see your news release published here and in our email newsletter, please feel free to contact Matjaž Matošec.

Corre Energy’s underground caverns in Germany now 75% complete

Corre Energy has announced that the underground construction of all four salt caverns at its two Ahaus energy storage projects in Germany is now 75% complete. This represents the equivalent of over 60 hours of storage capacity at each project, with a completed target of 84 hours each and a combined generating capacity of 640 MW.

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Triton Hydrogen unveils Tritonex hydrogen barrier coating system

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, Triton Hydrogen has unveiled the Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System (HBCS), a water-based coating used primarily as an internal lining in pipes, storage vessels and components for protection against hydrogen leakage, material embrittlement and all forms of corrosion.

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