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Pioneering pure-play green hydrogen production on industrial scale

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NUS Centre for Hydrogen Innovations
HTW Editorial Team

Centre for Hydrogen Innovations opened in Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has established a new research institute, the Centre for Hydrogen Innovations (CHI), with the aim of creating breakthrough technologies to make hydrogen commercially viable as a green energy source. The CHI commenced operations on 1 July 2022.

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HTW Editorial Team

Electric Hydrogen secures $198 million in financing

U.S. electrolyzer developer and manufacturer Electric Hydrogen has secured $198 million in financing to support the scale-up of its high-throughput electrolyzer technology and the manufacturing and deployment of demonstration projects to produce green hydrogen at large scale.

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Latest Featured Stories on Hydrogen Tech World

Lhyfe Bouin site
Matjaž Matošec

Pioneering pure-play green hydrogen production on industrial scale

Despite all the hype, green hydrogen is still a scarce commodity. Yet change is coming. One rising star in this nascent industry is Lhyfe. Producing green hydrogen and selling it directly to end users since 2021, the French company has a pipeline of 93 projects across Europe and plans to have over 3 GW in total installed production capacity by 2030. To learn more about Lhyfe’s bold vision and ambition, Hydrogen Tech World talked to Luc Graré, International Business Director at Lhyfe.

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Matjaž Matošec

BIBUS Holding: supporting your success

From its humble beginnings 75 years ago as a small metals dealership, BIBUS Holding AG has evolved into an international network of subsidiaries operating in the fields of technology, materials, and electronics. In a bid to support the fast-emerging green hydrogen sector, the Group has recently expanded its sizeable stock of a wide range of metals to include high-performance materials used in electrolysers and fuel cells.

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Artist’s impression of PEM stacks
Matjaž Matošec

Producing green hydrogen on a gigawatt scale

In order to achieve the 2030 climate targets, a significant jump in scale is required in the production of green hydrogen. The current production facilities have a capacity of megawatts, while we should have gigawatt installations up and running within eight years. But what do those green hydrogen plants on a gigawatt scale look like, and what would they cost? An ISPT-led consortium made a promising conceptual design, almost halving the capex for a hydrogen plant.

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Matjaž Matošec

The missing link to a green hydrogen future

As the hydrogen industry evolves, large-scale, low-cost, replicable, and site-independent hydrogen storage will be an essential element contributing to the optimisation of the green hydrogen value chain. This article introduces a novel hydrogen storage design that provides large-scale storage of compressed hydrogen and addresses a yawning gap in the green hydrogen value chain.

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