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Critical raw materials in the hydrogen sector

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HTW Editorial Team

Sunfire conducts FEED study for 500 MW green hydrogen project

After receiving an order for a 100 MW electrolyzer last year, Sunfire is now engaged in another major project: conducting the front-end engineering and design study (FEED) for a 500 MW hydrogen project scheduled for operation by 2028. Their FEED study will help the customer make a well-informed financial investment decision (FID) for the project.

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HTW Editorial Team

LANXESS ion exchange resins used in hydrogen production

LANXESS has developed special ion exchange resin grades within its Lewatit UltraPure range that are suitable for water treatment in PEM electrolysis. The company recommends its Lewatit UltraPure 1242 MD, 1212 MD, and 1295 MD ion exchange resins, which are optimized for this application, to ensure low TOC (Total Organic Carbon) levels.

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Matjaž Matošec

Critical raw materials in the hydrogen sector

Although the implementation of global renewable electricity generation capacity is increasing exponentially, with the goal of tripling it by 2030 as established by COP28, the world’s renewable hydrogen production capacity is lagging behind. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently lowered its five-year forecast for renewable power capacity dedicated to renewable hydrogen production (2023–2028) to 45 GW. It goes without saying that the hydrogen sector will require a substantial amount of critical raw materials (CRMs), for instance, for fuel cells, electrolysers, hydrogen separation, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen transport.

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HTW Editorial Team

Keeping the water ultrapure inside electrolyzers: challenges and solutions

It is well known that the water for electrolysis must be of very high quality. However, treating the feedwater to the required quality is only half the story. The water quality must also be maintained while the water circulates inside the electrolyzer. This article explores what happens with the water inside the electrolyzer and the implications for water treatment.

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Matjaž Matošec

De-risking electrolytic hydrogen production projects

Mitigating climate change is a pressing challenge in the modern world, and hydrogen stands out as a fuel with the potential to decarbonize several high carbon-emitting sectors, such as transportation and heavy industries, including ammonia synthesis, steel manufacturing, cement production etc. Additionally, it can be used in decarbonizing electric power production by generating electricity using hydrogen-capable combustion turbines. Due to its versatile applications in the energy transition, the production, storage, and distribution of affordable and low-carbon hydrogen have become focal points of many research and industrial endeavors.

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