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Powering sustainability together

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Matjaž Matošec

Powering sustainability together

The inaugural Hydrogen Tech World Expo & Conference is around the corner! Bringing together hydrogen experts from around the globe, this two-day event provides an excellent opportunity to meet with leading equipment and component manufacturers, system developers and service providers from across the hydrogen value chain, as well as to learn from and talk to engineers, system integrators, technology innovators and end users. Join us in Essen on 4 and 5 April!

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Matjaž Matošec

H-TEC SYSTEMS: delivering on what matters – efficiency and availability

With more than 25 years of experience in PEM electrolysis and – as a daughter company of MAN Energy Solutions – operating under the umbrella of the German giant Volkswagen, H-TEC SYSTEMS has all it takes to realise its strategic objective to become one of the top three players in the global PEM electrolyser market. As the company prepares to go large scale, we talked to Jonas Wahl, Director of Product Management, to learn more about the company’s current projects and vision for the future.

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Vent stack
Matjaž Matošec

Safety for hydrogen vent systems

Hydrogen vent systems play an essential role in ensuring hydrogen safety. For many applications, it is common practice to connect all normal hydrogen piping vent points, including relief valves, to a vent system. Evaluating this system during the facility hazard review is essential. This evaluation is often missed, and there have been numerous incidents in which improper vent stack design or operation caused injuries and property damage. This article addresses critical safety issues in vent system design and operation for liquefied (LH2) and gaseous (GH2) hydrogen.

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