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Throughout the hydrogen value chain, a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials are used to serve many different purposes. Their selection is based on numerous factors, such as material properties, availability, and cost, as well as process conditions and other requirements concerning strength, weight, temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance, conductivity, etc. In this section you can find news items related to the materials used in all equipment associated with water electrolysis, hydrogen transport, storage, and processing. If you would like to see your news release published here and in our email newsletter, please feel free to contact Matjaž Matošec.

H2U achieves 25,000-hour lifetime of non-iridium catalysts

H2U Technologies has performed durability tests on new, lower-cost, iridium-free catalyst materials that demonstrate a projected lifetime of 25,000 hours. This groundbreaking durability milestone addresses supply chain bottlenecks for sustainable hydrogen production with Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers.

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Smoltek awarded new patent targeting green hydrogen industry

Smoltek, a Swedish nanotech company, today announced it has been awarded the first patent of a new patent family internally called Electro Catalyst Support, which is targeting the production of green hydrogen. This innovation discloses how Smoltek’s carbon nanofibers can support the iridium catalyst load in a PEM electrolyzer in a better way.

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