About the Magazine

Hydrogen Tech World is an open-access, bimonthly digital magazine dedicated to technologies associated with hydrogen production via water electrolysis, hydrogen transport, storage and distribution, and hydrogen application in fuel cells.

By liaising with equipment and component manufacturers, distributors, EPCs, end users, research organizations, certification bodies and other relevant parties, we aim to discover and report the latest in technological advancements, interview end users and EPC companies, publish technical articles, case studies, and more.

Hydrogen Tech World is published six times a year: in February, April, June, August, October and November.

Are you interested in submitting a technical article for consideration by our Editor-in-Chief? Is there a knowledge gap that you feel should be bridged? If so, please contact Mr. Matjaž Matošec at m.matosec@kci-world.com or call +31-26-205-1519.