Uniper commissions Sunfire to build 30 MW electrolyzer in Sweden

Implementation of the Swedish ‘Project Air’ is moving full steam ahead. Uniper has commissioned Dresden-based Sunfire to build a 30 MW pressurized alkaline electrolysis plant, which will generate green hydrogen using renewable electricity and purified wastewater. The final investment decision is still pending.

Project Air is an industrial initiative to transform the chemical industry towards climate neutrality, with far-reaching effects throughout industrial value chains. The project is a collaboration between Perstorp Group and Uniper. An agreement with CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency) on January 19 granted the project support from the EU Innovation Fund to facilitate its groundbreaking technology which is a critical enabler for the European chemicals industry to become carbon neutral.

Project Air will produce sustainable methanol for chemical manufacturing using circular production methods. Perstorp will build a Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, that will convert carbon dioxide emissions captured from its operations as well as other residue streams, biogas and renewable hydrogen to methanol. Renewable hydrogen will be supplied by a pressurized alkaline electrolyzer developed and manufactured by Sunfire.

Nils Aldag, CEO of Sunfire, said: “We are proud to contribute our proven alkaline technology to Project Air. Through its unique and multipurpose potential in different sectors, green hydrogen is a master key for climate protection, energy security, creating new jobs and helping our economies thrive. The project marks a decisive step towards a green industrial transformation for Uniper.”

“Project Air will allow Uniper to take an important step towards breaking the fossil dependence of the chemical industry,” said Dr. Axel Wietfeld, CEO Hydrogen Uniper. “Once fully developed, it will be of high interest to chemical industries around the globe, as it clearly demonstrates the possibility to make the shift from fossil raw materials to circular production. With Sunfire, we have found an excellent partner for a central pillar of the project and are thus driving forward the European hydrogen strategy,” said Dr. Axel Wietfeld, CEO of Hydrogen Uniper.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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