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Our dedicated news department gathers news and press releases from around the world to bring our community the latest developments in hydrogen technology. Here you can find news involving the people and companies involved in the production, storage and transport of hydrogen.
Topics such as electrolyzers, materials, flow control, compressors, sealings and storage tanks are covered as well as interviews with specialists, manufacturers and end users alike.
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Water electrolyzers are electrochemical devices used to split water into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen, by passage of an electrical current. There are four main types of electrolyzers: alkaline and proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers are already mature, while anion exchange membrane (AEM) and solid oxide electrolyzers are still under development. These technologies differ in numerous ways, most notably in cell design and variations within components. In this section you can find news items related to various aspects of electrolyzer technologies, equipment and components. If you would like to see your news release published here and in our email newsletter, please feel free to contact Matjaž Matošec.

Solar cells

SunHydrogen receives India patent for its green hydrogen technology

SunHydrogen, the developer of a breakthrough, low-cost technology to make renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any source of water, including seawater and wastewater, has received the India Patent Office’s decision to grant its patent ‘Multi-junction artificial photosynthetic cell with enhanced photovoltages’.

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NewHydrogeNewHydrogen electrolyzern generator

NewHydrogen begins prototyping an electrolyzer

NewHydrogen has begun the prototype development of a complete electrolyzer that will showcase its novel low-cost and high-performance catalyst technology. The prototype will serve as a platform for incorporating additional electrolyzer component innovations to be developed by NewHydrogen going forward.

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Cummins Fridley plant

Cummins to expand electrolyzer manufacturing footprint to U.S.

Cummins will begin producing electrolyzers in the United States, underscoring its continued dedication to advancing the nation’s green hydrogen economy. Electrolyzer production will take place in Fridley, Minnesota, starting at 500 MW of manufacturing capacity annually, scalable to 1 GW in the future.

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Lhyfe to develop 200 MW green hydrogen plant in the Netherlands

Green hydrogen producer Lhyfe is targeting to build a 200 MW hydrogen production plant in the Chemical Cluster Delfzijl, situated in the Dutch province of Groningen. Planned to be commissioned in 2026, the plant will have an annual production capacity of more than 20,000 tons of renewable hydrogen.

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