Lhyfe launches first marketplace for green hydrogen

Today, Lhyfe launched the Green Hydrogen Marketplace on its online portal, Lhyfe Heroes. This service brings green hydrogen producers and consumers closer together, facilitating access to this clean gas. The company began digitalizing the sector in 2022 with the Heroes platform, which is now featuring the Marketplace as its flagship service.

In a rapidly developing sector, the first phase of this marketplace will enable players with their own transport solutions to source green hydrogen from referenced production sites, and producers to coordinate their efforts to strengthen the ‘green hydrogen’ offer across Europe:

  • Better regional coverage: To meet the needs of customers wherever they are, while optimising hydrogen transport, thanks to a network of green-certified production sites throughout Europe.
  • A growing choice of supply sources: Access to an increasingly wide range of products and services to meet a one-off increase in needs.
  • Production optimisation: To make any surplus production available, anticipate a maintenance operation, etc.
  • Guaranteed Green: All the hydrogen available on the Marketplace is and will be guaranteed green by Lhyfe’s experts.

Eventually, the marketplace will be available to all hydrogen buyers requiring delivery (fuel stations, logistics centres, etc.). Many more features will be added in the coming weeks and months.

Interested users can register on the platform to request the creation of their account. Privately negotiated commercial terms are shared only between the seller and the buyer. The first version of the platform is free. The Marketplace already has around 10 partners.

Antoine Hamon, director of operations at Lhyfe, said: “We first developed this tool internally, to boost our own efficiency and optimise our multi-site management, and then we offered it to other players in the sector.

“In just a few clicks, on a single map, we can see the different supply points and useful information for choosing the date and source.

“This saves time for both buyers and sellers. This marketplace opens up new opportunities for us to optimise our production sites and give our customers greater guarantees in terms of the availability of green hydrogen.”

Matthieu Guesné, Lhyfe’s founder and CEO, added: “The digitalisation of the sector has always been one of Lhyfe’s projects.

“We developed the algorithmic part and remote control methods to optimise our production.

“The Heroes platform then enabled many players in the mobility sector to gain a better understanding of this sector and to structure their projects and today we are very proud to be launching the first Green Hydrogen Marketplace.

“In the industry, we are all convinced that it is by joining forces to offer an increasingly abundant supply that we will accelerate the transition to green hydrogen. The Marketplace is a new step in accelerating our decarbonisation.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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