Electriq and Zenith to build solid hydrogen carrier production plant in Amsterdam

Electriq, an end-to-end safe hydrogen solution provider, and Zenith Energy Terminals, a global energy storage and handling company, have announced a partnership to build the world’s first manufacturing plant of Electriq Powder – a solid hydrogen carrier, in the Port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Electriq Powder acts like daily used detergent powder, simplifying storage, transport, and use of hydrogen in last mile, off-grid and backup applications. According to Electriq, it features superior safety and energy density, compared to compressed and liquefied hydrogen. The release of hydrogen from the powder and conversion into electricity is done through a proprietary, compact release unit.

The agreement includes the production of green hydrogen using renewable energy generated by Zenith’s on-site wind turbines.

“This plant is the first of its kind in the world and will serve our customers in the Benelux market,” said Baruch Halpert, Executive Chairman and CEO of Electriq. “The Netherlands is an early adopter of hydrogen as the fuel of the 21st century, and we see this Electriq Powder plant as a key enabler to leverage this in innovative, safe and industrial manner.”

“This project will pave the way for Europe’s move into clean, sustainable energy, leveraging the strengths of our Amsterdam storage terminal to provide a strong foundation for the new energy industries and creating new jobs in the area,” said Jeff Armstrong, CEO at Zenith Energy Terminals.

Electriq is currently working on further expanding its powder manufacturing capacity, to drive its planned expansion into worldwide markets, by creating similar partnerships in other geographical locations.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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