H2U Technologies, De Nora to introduce low-cost catalysts

De Nora and H2U Technologies have announced a joint development agreement to assess the viability of newly identified non-platinum group metal catalysts for water electrolysis. Through their partnership, De Nora will help bring H2U’s earth-abundant catalysts to the electrolyzer market.

These new catalysts will fill a critical gap in the development of low-cost green hydrogen, decreasing a significant cost barrier to growing the hydrogen value chain and promoting the energy transition.

De Nora has also confirmed new success with a non-platinum group metal (PGM) catalyst identified by H2U for green hydrogen production, marking a significant milestone in H2U’s catalyst discovery efforts. H2U’s electrocatalyst compounds for OER and HER reactions show viability for low-cost, scalable green hydrogen production by eliminating PGM in water electrolysis.

Scaling businesses

“We are excited to undertake this opportunity with H2U Technologies,” said Christian Urgeghe, Chief Technology Officer of De Nora. “PGM catalysts – specifically platinum and iridium – present a major chokepoint in the evolution of the Hydrogen Economy. We need to replace these expensive, rare materials with earth abundant compounds so that our electrolysis customers can scale their businesses, and H2U Technologies has a credible approach to accomplish this important goal.”

H2U Technologies boasts the world’s most advanced, effective technology and systems for discovering and developing new non-PGM electrocatalysts composed of earth-abundant elements. Low-cost electrocatalysts are key components for use in water electrolysis to generate green hydrogen that drives the hydrogen economy. Such technology innovations include H2U Technologies’ proprietary systems for high-throughput screening of compositions to determine catalytic activity.


With almost a century of technical leadership, De Nora is a world leader in developing and manufacturing electrodes for almost every industrial electrolysis application and is serving the largest OEMs of water electrolysis equipment and plants globally. De Nora and H2U formed a partnership a year ago to exploit H2U’s proprietary Catalyst Discovery Engine™ system in order to discover and develop revolutionary electrocatalysts for hydrogen production via water electrolysis.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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