Digital twin technology accelerates green hydrogen process development

Everfuel is collaborating with Siemens PSE, using its digital design technology to accelerate the development and maximize the process economics of HySynergy, a large-scale green hydrogen production and storage project in Denmark.

Everfuel is using Siemens’s gPROMS digital design technology to explore decision space, quantify risk, optimize the design of the HySynergy project and scale up its production capacity from the initial 20 MW in 2022 to 300 MW in 2025.

Successful design and operation of green hydrogen production and distribution facilities requires a digital design tool that can capture knowledge of complex chemical and physical processes and support decision-making in all stages of the project delivery and plant optimization activities.

Everfuel chose Siemens’s gPROMS digital design technology to implement high-fidelity digital process twins that include process-critical components such as the electrochemical cell reactors. Global system analysis tools enable rapid and systematic exploration of the complex process design space to establish viability of design choices and quantify the risk associated with decisions. Mathematical optimization tools then determine optimal values of multiple design variables simultaneously to establish the economically optimal design while ensuring operability.

Uffe Borup, CTO at Everfuel, said: “To secure Everfuel’s long-term objectives, we have decided to collaborate with Siemens Process Systems Engineering and use gPROMS as our principal process simulation tool. We believe that the unmatched capabilities of gPROMS in process modelling, validation and optimisation will help us secure the future of zero-emission mobility.”

Everfuel has also been using gPROMS to model a hydrogen distribution network, using the new gFLARE model library suite of advanced process safety tools for dynamic simulation of hydrogen safety scenarios.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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