H2U Technologies announces first commercial-scale non-iridium PEM electrolyzer

H2U Technologies has announced the successful demonstration of the first non-iridium PEM electrolyzer for commercial hydrogen production, marking a significant milestone for the company as it moves closer to the goal of reducing the costs of green hydrogen production

At the end of 2022, California-based H2U proved the efficacy of its non-iridium catalyst materials in small-scale electrolyzer stacks. Since then, the company has scaled this technology to a 200kW electrolyzer system for in-house testing and demonstration. This significant achievement is a crucial step toward H2U’s goals of alleviating iridium supply chain constraints on the growing electrolyzer industry.

During the in-house demonstration of its 200kW iridium-free electrolyzer system, the H2U team is collecting operational data to further validate the durability and performance of novel non-iridium catalysts at the commercial scale. The company will apply those lessons learned to the design review and construction of their first external proof-of-concept units set to ship at the end of this year.

“This is a significant milestone for H2U on our path to solving a key problem facing the hydrogen industry: the dependency on scarce and precious materials currently needed to make hydrogen. We and others believe H2U’s non-iridium PEM electrolyzers have the potential to transform the green hydrogen industry,” said Mark McGough, CEO of H2U Technologies. “Our breakthrough technology will bring down gas production costs and alleviate supply chain constraints, making green hydrogen more accessible and cost-effective for a wide range of applications.”

“From a 200W benchtop, short stack to a 200kW full containerized system in less than eight months using catalysts never before seen in a PEM electrolyzer is a tremendous accomplishment,” noted David Martin, Chief Commercial Officer of H2U Technologies. “Now the world can see that there are easily integrated, direct-replacement electrocatalysts for the gigawatts of electrolyzers being planned across the world.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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