Metacon and Siemens enter into collaboration for manufacture of green hydrogen production systems

Metacon AB and Siemens AB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enter into a partnership aimed at accelerating the manufacturing of hydrogen production systems in Sweden, for the European market. Under this MoU, Siemens will become a technology partner to Metacon.

Siemens will contribute its experience in delivering products, solutions, and services in automation, power distribution, electrification, instrumentation, building technology, and drives. Siemens will also offer a wide range of digital services and software for optimisation, standardisation, and simulation during both the manufacturing and operational phases of hydrogen plants.

At the beginning of the year, Metacon announced that the company has been granted exclusive rights for the manufacture of complete electrolysis plants based on the partner PERIC’s technology for pressurized alkaline electrolysis modules (stacks). A key component of PERIC’s alkaline technology includes efficient and proven 5 MW modules with over 10 years of operating data. Metacon also has access to the 10 MW module that PERIC recently launched and which today, in terms of power and production, is one of the world’s largest, according the company. The rights apply to most European countries and mean that Metacon can start from a proven technology that has been developed and refined for over 60 years, and make the adaptations required to match the requirements for safety and automation found in European standards for hydrogen production. With the exclusive right, Metacon now aims to become one of the market leaders in Europe for this type of large-scale hydrogen plants.

“Hydrogen is an important piece of the puzzle in the industrial, energy and transport sectors to become CO₂ neutral, and is the focus of Siemens’ global investment in Power-to-X.” said Mikael Kraft, Head of Factory Automation and Sales at Siemens Digital Industries. “The partnership with Metacon marks a milestone in our quest to create a more sustainable world by, among other things, developing innovative solutions for the energy sector.”

Christer Wikner, CEO and President of Metacon, commented: “Metacon has big plans for the investment in the manufacture and sale of large-scale electrolysis plants to, among others, the basic industry, the wind power sector and the transport sector in Europe. I have a hard time imagining a better partner on such a journey than Siemens. With its world-leading portfolio of technology, expertise and long-standing experience of similar projects, this partnership gives us the opportunity to both accelerate and optimize central parts of our unique Gigafactory project.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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