Overpressure protection for electrolyser cell stacks

Industrial-scale electrolysers used to produce green hydrogen consist of multiple cell stacks. For safe operation, individual stacks require protection against overpressure. WITT has developed a range of safety relief valves for various electrolyser technologies.

The product portfolio of the German manufacturer of gas-related equipment includes safety relief valve models AV 619 and AV 919, which match the target pressure and temperature ranges of PEM and solid oxide electrolysers. The opening pressure can be set accurately in the 5–500 mbar range, while the operating temperature can be up to 250°C.

Small size, high flow rate

Suited for alkaline electrolysers, the SV 805 model has an opening pressure settable anywhere in the range of 0.5 to 45 bar, with operating temperatures up to 150°C. Highly precise and reliable, the valves open when the set pressure is reached and safely protect workers and sensitive equipment from overpressure. Despite their small size, the valves allow high flow rates, making them also suitable for large installations.

The valves are available with the elastomers required for hydrogen, including EPDM or FFKM (also known as FFPM). WITT safety relief valves are oil- and grease-free, can be installed in any position, and are available with various inlet and outlet connections and in different materials, including stainless steel or aluminum.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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