DNV to assess H2-readiness of Hungarian gas pipeline

gas pipeline and valve
FGSZ has commissioned DNV to assess the suitability for partial to full hydrogen transport of one of its pipelines.

The intention of this project is to evaluate the suitability of FGSZ’s DN600 system, consisting of a DN600 pipeline and valve station for hydrogen transportation.

FGSZ, the owner and operator of the Hungarian high-pressure transmission natural gas pipeline system, whose natural gas pipeline system serves gas distribution companies, power plants and large industrial consumers, has set up different scenarios to assess the implications of exchanging natural gas with up to 100% gaseous hydrogen.

Some 78% of senior energy professionals say repurposing existing infrastructure – such as the FGSZ system – will be key to developing a large-scale hydrogen economy. This is according to DNV’s recent report Rising to the Challenge of a Hydrogen Economy, which explores the outlook for the emerging hydrogen economy, from production through to consumption.

The natural gas transmission system has been well established in Hungary for over 70 years and the total length of the long-distance pipeline system is 5,874 km. With respect to its volume, the pipeline system – when filled up to full pressure – can cover Hungary’s gas demand for one day in the coldest winter.

“The project involves DNV energy experts from the Netherlands and Germany, investigating the potential of hydrogen transportation options through the DN600 pipeline utilizing expertise in pipeline material, safety, integrity, and pipeline inspection. It’s pleasing to see that the experience we are bringing from previous hydrogen studies in the UK, the Netherlands and Italy is really valued by FGSZ,” said Victoria Monsma, Pipeline Integrity Specialist at DNV.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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