Hydrogen Tech World Conference Program 2024

Preparations for the Hydrogen Tech World Conference 2024 are well underway, and we plan to announce our first speakers in autumn 2023.

Key Hydrogen Tech World Conference topics will include:


Water electrolysis technologies, equipment & components
  • Alkaline, PEM, SOEC and AEM water electrolysis
  • Membranes, electrodes, catalysts, bipolar plates & seals
  • Balance of plant (compressors, piping, valves, heat exchangers, storage tanks, instrumentation)


Hydrogen transport & storage
  • Above- and underground storage of compressed gaseous hydrogen
  • Liquid (cryogenic) hydrogen
  • Ammonia and liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs)
  • Solid-state hydrogen storage


Electrolyzer operation and maintenance
System integration
Offshore green hydrogen production
Levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH)
Green hydrogen standards & certification

If you would like to contribute to the conference by giving a presentation or suggest topics that you believe should be addressed, please do not hesitate to let us know through the form below.