Zero-electricity electrolysis process for hydrogen production launched

Utility Global has launched the eXERO Process for sustainable hydrogen production. This proprietary process marks the first time the energy industry has seen a zero-electricity electrolysis process to convert sustainable waste streams directly into high-purity, low-cost hydrogen.

The eXERO (Electroless Coupled Exchange Reduction Oxidation) Process is achieved by removing the external electrical circuit from an electrolyzer and instead driving the electrolysis reaction with the overpotential (voltage) that exists between different gas compositions. Similar to a conventional solid oxide electrolyzer, water is reduced at the cathode into hydrogen and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions are then transferred through an oxygen ion conducting electrolyte. However, unlike a conventional electrochemical reactor, electrons are transferred through an electronically conducting phase within the electrolyte, rather than via an external circuit.

“We get up in the morning and come to work with one thing in mind – to deliver disruptive technology solutions that overcome legacy sustainability challenges,” said Claus Nussgruber, CEO of Utility Global. “Every single member of this team is passionate to do things differently, to change the world through a more inquisitive, a more elegant view into technology development.”

The eXERO Process will be at the heart of Utility Global’s product offerings focused on next-gen fueling, green chemicals, and sustainable steel and refining industries – each unlocking a multi-billion-dollar decarbonization market.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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