TÜV NORD EnSys and Atmen partner to support H₂ and e-fuels sector with sustainability compliance

TÜV NORD EnSys has partnered with Munich-based technology firm Atmen, aiming to assist hydrogen and e-fuels project developers in navigating the complexities of EU sustainability compliance and certification – a critical aspect of business operations even before supply chains are fully operational.

Central to this partnership is Atmen’s ‘H2Compliance Readiness Check’ (H2 CRC), designed to enhance developers’ understanding of EU green compliance requirements. By simulating energy flows and carbon intensity along the value chain, and assessing forecasted operational flows for compliance, the technology tool addresses compliance challenges and suggests a path for optimal supply chain design. As a result, an H2 Compliance Readiness Report is generated. The tool is developed to save time and foster trust among offtakers, partners, public institutions and investors right from an early stage of project development.

TÜV NORD EnSys and Atmen will jointly market this product, combining Atmen’s technological solution with TÜV NORD’s knowledge and technical advisory services. TÜV NORD EnSys adds value to the partnership by collaborating on the H2 CRC methodology and offering additional services like tailored certification roadmaps and detailed energy simulation to the customers. This approach ensures a comprehensive strategy for achieving EU sustainability compliance.

Flore de Durfort, CEO of Atmen, commented on the partnership: “Working with TÜV NORD EnSys to offer our clients a sophisticated simulation, screening and optimization tool represents a significant step in our effort to reduce manual workloads. This collaboration allows our clients to better understand regulatory requirements, streamline their projects for sustainability, foster trust and accelerate projects path to Final Investment Decision (FID).”

Silvio Konrad, Chairman of the Management Board of TÜV NORD EnSys, added: “We are pleased to collaborate with Atmen, bringing together our expertise to assist customers from the early stages of hydrogen project development to operational execution. This partnership is about leveraging technology to embed the critical dimensions of compliance and potential certification in the engineering phases of hydrogen supply chains. It is about de-risking projects by building trust around their sustainability.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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