Stiesdal Hydrogen and Danfoss sign commercial agreement on hydrogen electrolyzer production

Stiesdal Hydrogen and Danfoss have signed a commercial agreement on hydrogen electrolyzer production, signalling the readiness of the two companies to introduce their latest innovation to the global market: an advanced hydrogen electrolyzer solution based on heat exchanger design.

Together, the two companies have developed a new and scalable solution for the core component of Stiesdal Hydrogen’s electrolyzer, a so-called electrolysis cell stack.

By combining the two companies’ strengths, Danfoss and Stiesdal Hydrogen are positioning themselves to ramp up electrolyzer capacity in line with society’s growing need for green hydrogen.

Leveraging Danfoss’s expertise in customized plates and welding, the prototype was designed and tested, and now the first electrolyzer production versions are successfully operating at a combined biogas and PtX (Power-to-X) plant in Denmark. Here, green hydrogen is combined with surplus CO₂ from biogas to deliver methane gas.

Now, Stiesdal Hydrogen and Danfoss Heat Exchangers are ready to launch the electrolyzer to more markets and industries.

Bo Birkemose, Head of Strategic Partnering at Stiesdal, said: “Together, we have achieved a milestone in re-engineering one of the core components of alkaline electrolysis. The result is an electrolyzer that integrates well with renewable energy sources and allows for cost-efficient green hydrogen production. Looking ahead, we see green hydrogen production as a cornerstone in stabilizing and balancing the global energy supply.”

Dennis Appel, Senior Vice President at Danfoss Heat Exchangers, commented: “I am truly impressed by the groundbreaking solution developed by Stiesdal Hydrogen. Our heat exchanger design, a core competency of Danfoss, fits right into Stiesdal’s needs for an energy-efficient electrolyzer. With our recent commercial agreement in place, we are ready to take hydrogen production and power-to-x to new heights as a key solution across hard-to-abate industry sectors.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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