Ohmium collaborates with HYGRO on 5.4 MW green hydrogen pilot project in the Netherlands

Ohmium International is launching a collaboration with HYGRO, a Dutch provider of green hydrogen, beginning with a new hydrogen production and distribution project in North Holland. The pilot project, launching in 2025, involves 5.4 MW of PEM electrolyzers, with potential for future expansion.

This project will pair Ohmium PEM electrolyzers with HYGRO wind turbines at the EWEF Wind Park in Wieringerwerf, producing green hydrogen for distribution to fueling stations throughout the region. The wind turbines will also be directly connected to the electricity grid. Co-locating the PEM electrolyzers with the wind turbines enables stable, consistent and reliable electricity supply to the grid, despite fluctuating wind conditions.

“Ohmium shares HYGRO’s vision for an integrated green hydrogen supply chain to foster a sustainable and fossil free future,” said Arne Ballantine, Ohmium CEO. “The HYGRO team is very focused on resolving key challenges with green hydrogen distribution, which will be very powerful for the Netherlands and the European Union. They are well down the road toward making this vision a reality and we are excited to play a role in creating that ecosystem.”

“Ohmium’s PEM electrolyzers and cutting-edge power electronics enable integration directly with HYGRO’s wind turbines for streamlined, efficient and affordable green hydrogen production,” said Hugo Groenemans, CEO of HYGRO. “We are looking forward to working together to build the sustainable energy supply chain throughout the Netherlands.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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