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Apr 12
Greenko, John Cockerill to build electrolyzer gigafactory in India

Greenko ZeroC and John Cockerill have signed an agreement to jointly manufacture green…

Apr 11
Breakthrough process to create green hydrogen from seawater unveiled

Torvex Energy has validated an innovative and ‘game-changing’ method of generating…

Mar 31
Alkaline AEM water electrolysis with Ionomr Innovations’ Aemion+®

By 2050, carbon-neutral ‘green’ hydrogen will deliver a significant proportion of the…

Feb 23
HYBRIT: A unique hydrogen storage facility in Luleå is taking shape

With the steel lining now being installed, the HYBRIT rock cavern storage facility for…

Jan 13
Emerson develops automation technology for offshore green H2 production

Emerson is developing software and systems to enable safe and efficient operation of…