New partnership formed to create high-volume AEM electrolyzer

Arco Technologies Inc. has announced a partnership with Shell GameChanger aimed at validating its innovative electrolyzer technology for larger applications. Shell GameChanger will assist in every step of the project, including in building a new AEM electrolyzer capable of higher hydrogen production.

Arco Technologies is dedicated to promoting the low-carbon transition with its proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers. As part of the new collaboration with Shell GameChanger, the company will test its electrolyzer technology on a larger scale. Arco Technologies will design, build, and test a small-scale, 60kW AEM electrolyzer with the ability to produce more than 24 kg hydrogen per day.

Shell GameChanger provides support and seed funding to startup businesses focused on forging new paths in the energy sector with an emphasis on carbon neutrality. Their program focuses on proving the commercial viability of new concepts via research, development, and bringing new technologies to market. This yields a mutually beneficial relationship in which Shell has quick access to disruptive technology, and innovative businesses get a foothold in the market through funding, advisory, a pool of prospective investors, and IP ownership for marketing.

“We’re thrilled that Shell sees the value of our electrolyzer technology, and this partnership is already helping pave the way towards an accelerated climate change transition,” said David Zabetakis, CEO of Arco Technologies.

A spokesperson for Shell GameChanger added: “We are excited to announce that Shell GameChanger and Arco Technologies are embarking together on an electrolyzer test project. This collaboration aims to validate the Arco electrolysis technology and hopes to bring it to a higher scale. Our organizations are working together to drive innovation in the hydrogen space, and we aim to make significant advancements in clean energy solutions.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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