New greentech start-up to develop reversible fuel cell technology

A new business called Refhuel has been established in Israel to focus on developing a reversible fuel cell based on a pioneering proprietary hydrogen carrier technology that will enable efficient storage and production of energy, with development work already underway.

The start-up is the result of a license agreement signed between Refhuel Limited, a subsidiary of Decama Capital, and BIRAD, Bar-Ilan University’s research and development company. The pioneering technology to allow reversible fuel cells, which is already in development, has been worked on at Bar-Ilan University in Israel under the leadership of Professor Lior Elbaz.

Professor Lior Elbaz, Co-Founder of Refhuel and Associate Professor in Chemistry at Bar-Ilan University, said: “I am really excited to have reached this point. We have passed the proof-of-concept stage and, in time, the technology has the potential to revolutionize energy storage and production. The world is looking for affordable, sustainable energy and this technology promises to help deliver this.”

Nate Lorenzi, Co-Founder of Refhuel and CEO of Decama Capital Ltd, added: “Energy supply and climate change are challenges facing every nation. As we move towards renewables, we face the problem of energy storage. The technology we are developing at Refhuel has the potential to be the solution to this. This is a landmark event for Decama Capital and we look ahead to have a great success with Refhuel.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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