Atlas Copco launches variable speed driven hydrogen compressor ‘H2P’

Atlas Copco has launched the H2P, a hydrogen compressor capable of following the electrolysis production profile. Thanks to its speed-controlled technology, the compressor can compensate for fluctuations in hydrogen production and ensure optimal efficiency, thereby reducing energy losses.

The H2P is available in a standardised design, which facilitates short delivery times and faster integration into existing hydrogen plants. Furthermore, it is characterised by moderate compression ratios and low temperatures, resulting in exceptionally long maintenance intervals. This ensures increased plant uptime and minimises potential downtime.

Another significant feature of the H2P is its modular concept, allowing for high flexibility and reliability when adapting to different requirements and processes in hydrogen production.

Thanks to its integrated base, the H2P also simplifies installation and offers flexibility in the choice of location.

“The H2P is the result of our continuous efforts to drive innovation and sustainability in the industry,” said Matthias Böckling, Business Development Manager – Engineered Solutions & New Technologies at Atlas Copco. “We are proud to present the H2P, a solution that not only increases efficiency and performance in hydrogen production, but also paves the way for a more sustainable energy future.”

To learn more about the H2P compressor, visit the Atlas Copco website.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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