Landi Renzo develops new mechatronic hydrogen pressure regulator

Landi Renzo is starting the development of an advanced electronic pressure regulator for mid- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles with hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines (ICEs). This project is widening the collaboration with the German company Bosch, one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide.

In the course of 2024, the two companies aim to produce and commercialize hydrogen-based fuel systems featuring the next-generation mechatronic pressure regulator that supports the carbon-neutral operation of commercial vehicles. Positioned at the heart of the fuel line, the pressure regulator acts as a decoupling element between the accumulation system and the fuel introduction system of the combustion chamber. Previously, a simple and robust mechanical regulator was sufficient for this function. However, the zero-emission engines of the future require pressure regulators that are not only robust and reliable but also add performance characteristics previously unanticipated.

The EM-H mechatronic pressure regulator ensures optimal management and calibration of hydrogen delivery pressure according to the vehicle’s requirements, conveyed with high-level accuracy and efficiency. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the functionality of the EM-H regulator is governed by two phases: a mechanical input stage that reduces pressure from high to medium, followed by an entirely electronic stage that lowers pressure from average to desired value. The system features special valves to protect both the pressure regulator and downstream fuel line.

Thanks to design innovation, the hydrogen-compatible EM-H can provide ideal pressure for the injectors at every operating speed and load, thus optimizing combustion for future high-pressure injection systems. To ensure safety, the new pressure regulator is a completely sealed product.

Damiano Micelli, CEO of Landi Renzo Group, commented: “This mechatronic hydrogen pressure regulator is a milestone of technological advancement that we can offer to the rapidly evolving mobility and transportation market. The new regulators combine the potential of traditional vehicles with the possibility of zero CO2 emissions. This is a highly innovative solution that will soon be available for mid and heavy-duty applications, further consolidating Landi Renzo Group’s leadership in the development of hydrogen solutions.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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