Heliogen, Bloom Energy integrate technologies to produce green hydrogen

Bloom Energy
Heliogen, Inc. and Bloom Energy Corporation recently announced the generation of green hydrogen by integrating the companies’ technologies – Heliogen’s concentrated solar energy system and the Bloom Electrolyzer.

The successful demonstration in Lancaster, California, produced hydrogen and showcased the many benefits of combining the companies’ complementary technologies to achieve low-cost green hydrogen production.

More efficient

Heliogen’s AI-enabled concentrated solar energy system is designed to create carbon-free steam, electricity, and heat from abundant and renewable sunlight. When combined with Bloom’s proprietary solid oxide, high-temperature electrolyzer, hydrogen can be produced 45% more efficiently than low-temperature PEM and alkaline electrolyzers.

Lower costs

Electricity accounts for nearly 80% of the cost of hydrogen from electrolysis. By using less electricity, hydrogen production is more economical and accelerates adoption. In addition, the ability to use heat, which is a much lower-cost source of energy than electricity, further improves the economics of green hydrogen production. Heliogen’s concentrated solar technology is different than traditional photovoltaic solar; it facilitates hydrogen generation for longer periods of time, operating near 24/7 by storing the solar energy, resulting in lower cost production. The extended operating time of Heliogen’s technology and Bloom Energy’s ability to efficiently utilize heat, reduces the cost of green hydrogen production compared to competing solutions.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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