Cipher Neutron and Ionomr join forces to create 250kW AEM electrolyzer

Cipher Neutron 10kW AEM stack
Cipher Neutron and Ionomr Innovations have entered into a collaboration agreement to bring innovative electrolyzer membrane technology together with advanced anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzer technology to create the first North American-made 250kW AEM hydrogen electrolyzer.

Ionomr will retain its proprietary rights in its membrane and ionomer technologies, while Cipher Neutron and dynaCERT will retain their equal rights in their AEM Electrolyzer Technology under the dynaCERT/Cipher Neutron collaboration agreement of February 2023.

The AEM electrolysis technology developed by Cipher Neutron is the latest technology that produces affordable high-pressure and high-volume green hydrogen gas. Cipher Neutron has been working on AEM electrolysis for the last three years and is the world’s second company to commercialize AEM electrolyzers and the first in North America and outside of Europe. Cipher Neutron and dynaCERT recently unveiled the world’s first commercial 10kW AEM hydrogen electrolyzer at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention.

Ionomr develops and markets revolutionary ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions for clean technology applications including fuel cells and hydrogen production, for Cipher Neutron’s innovative AEM electrolyzers, among others. The company’s membrane materials now enable product developers and integrators, such as Cipher Neutron, to optimize their product performance, improve durability, eliminate toxic components, increase recyclability, and accelerate cost reduction activities.

Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr, commented: “This collaboration with Cipher Neutron, a world leader in advanced AEM Electrolyzers for Green Hydrogen, provides an opportunity to pair our innovative membrane technologies with leading technology and manufacturing capabilities for rapid deployment and demonstration for a Green Hydrogen world. At Ionomr, we are revolutionizing membrane technologies and collaborating with the best technologies from around the globe.”

Gurjant Randhawa, President & CEO of Cipher Neutron, said: “Ionomr and its advanced electrolyzer membrane technologies provide an opportunity to collaborate and develop better and more efficient PFAS-free (free of polyfluoroalkyl substances) and PGM-free (free of Platinum Group Metals) AEM Electrolyzers for a sustainable Green Hydrogen world. Along with our advances in AEM Electrolyzers, which are designed to provide an efficient and affordable source of Green Hydrogen, we constantly strive, at Cipher Neutron, to continually research the best technologies and game-changing ideas from around the globe.”

Jim Payne, President & CEO of dynaCERT, added: “The Cipher Neutron Collaboration with Ionomr confirms our rapid advancement in the global Hydrogen Economy. By creating North America’s first 250-Kilowatt AEM Hydrogen Electrolyzer with CN, dynaCERT is joining with two great Canadian companies that operate internationally and are world leaders in the electrolyzer and electrolyzer membrane industries. A 250-Kilowatt AEM Hydrogen Electrolyzer enables us to be involved in some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects. dynaCERT congratulates both Cipher Neutron and Ionomr and will continue to support their ambitious endeavours.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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