H-TEC SYSTEMS to deliver electrolyzers for H₂ production plant in Austria

Tobias Fritsch, Project Manager at H-TEC SYSTEMS and Martin Mühlbacher, Vice President and Site Manager at INNIO in Jenbach
For its PtH2tP project in Jenbach, Austria, INNIO has ordered two electrolyzers from H-TEC SYSTEMS with a total output of 2 MW. With all new Jenbacher plants now considered H₂-ready, this marks an important step regarding the implementation of the company's sustainable hydrogen product strategy.

From 2025 onwards, the entire product line of Jenbacher engines is expected to be rolled out for operation powered with 100% hydrogen. At the same time, the supply of green hydrogen at the Jenbach plant is a milestone on the way to achieving net zero on site.

The 2 MW containerized facility will be installed on the premises of the Achensee power plant, which is owned by TIWAG – Tiroler Wasserkraft AG. The company’s subsidiary, TINEXT, will set up the necessary compressor and storage terminals. The green hydrogen produced on site, a central component of the energy transition, will be transported in a pipeline from the TINEXT compressor and storage terminal to INNIO’s main production plant in Jenbach.

With a system efficiency of 74%, the two ME450 PEM electrolyzers from H-TEC SYSTEMS produce a total of up to 900 kg of green hydrogen per day. This amount is sufficient to operate the 2 MW Jenbacher hydrogen engine test stand. Thanks to an integrated hydrogen treatment process in the electrolyzers, the ultrapure green hydrogen with a quality of 5.0 can be used directly to operate the gas engines. This means that the company headquarters can be supplied with green electricity and heat from green hydrogen in addition to photovoltaics, batteries and hydropower. In its INNIO360 Energy Lab in Jenbach, INNIO demonstrates just how the energy transformation of an industrial company functions.

Martin Mühlbacher, Vice President and Site Manager of INNIO in Jenbach, commented: “By ordering the electrolyzers from H-TEC SYSTEMS, we are taking the next important step to further expand INNIO’s pioneering role in green energy generation. Because the supply of green hydrogen is an important prerequisite for the sustainable, economical and timely implementation of our hydrogen product strategy. Through the use of green hydrogen for the energy supply, we are able to further reduce the CO2 footprint of our Jenbach site.”

“In INNIO’s energy laboratory, our electrolyzers are used to expand a safer, economical and green energy supply with combined heat and power plants,” added Tobias Fritsch, Project Manager at H-TEC SYSTEMS. “This highly efficient technology forms the backbone of the energy transition because hydrogen, as in this case here, replaces fossil fuels and can be stored for weeks and months at the same time. Naturally, we are very pleased that INNIO has placed its trust in us and together we can realize this future-oriented project for Austria.”

This project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund and implemented as part of the FTI initiative, Showcase Energy Region.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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