GAIL inaugurates 10 MW green hydrogen production plant in Madhya Pradesh

GAIL (India) Limited, India’s largest natural gas company, has inaugurated its first green hydrogen production plant in Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh, as part of the National Green Hydrogen Mission. This initiative by the Government of India promotes the development and adoption of green hydrogen technologies across the country.

The plant, equipped with PEM electrolyzers powered by renewable energy, boasts a production capacity of 10 MW. It is capable of producing 4.3 tonnes of high-purity hydrogen (99.999%) daily at a pressure of 30 kg/cm².

Initially, the hydrogen will support the energy needs of GAIL’s existing operations in Vijaipur, with plans to expand distribution to retail customers in surrounding areas via high-pressure cascades.

In addition to sourcing renewable electricity through open access, GAIL is advancing its sustainability initiatives by installing approximately 20 MW of solar power capacity at Vijaipur to supply clean energy to the electrolyzer.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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