DNV launches electrolyzer standardization JIP

Together with 18 industry partners, DNV is launching a new Joint Industry Project (JIP) to enhance the standardization for reliable, safe and cost-efficient hydrogen production systems that use renewable energy-powered electrolysis to produce green hydrogen.

More than 18 partners from diverse industrial sectors, such as electrolyzer and wind turbine manufacturers, developers of renewable assets, energy, chemistry and engineering companies, are joining DNV to develop a certification scheme applicable for electrolyzer projects – including the interface with renewable energy – on the topics of safety, performance and regulation.

“To grow confidence in the market, electrolyzers need further standardization to reduce uncertainties and risks in industrializing large hydrogen projects,” said Axel Dombrowski, Director Innovation & Digitalisation for Renewables Certification at DNV. “We are tackling this challenge by joining forces with major industry partners to work towards a new certification scheme and industry best practice for electrolyzers which will facilitate successful water electrolysis projects. We undertook a similar approach for the wind energy industry about 30 years ago which proved to be very successful. Now, we will take the learnings and implement these for the hydrogen technology on an accelerated path.”

The JIP will be kicked off on 16 February and is open for more partners to join until mid-April 2022.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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