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Hydrogen blending: preparing the market, public and infrastructure

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Nel signs licensing agreement with Reliance

Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser ASA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nel ASA, has entered into a technology licensing agreement with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India’s largest private-sector corporation. The agreement provides RIL with an exclusive license for Nel’s alkaline electrolysers in India and allows RIL to manufacture Nel’s alkaline electrolysers for captive purposes globally.

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Matjaž Matošec

Valmet’s proven flow control solutions deliver reliability for the energy transition

Valmet, the global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services, has long enjoyed strong patronage from the pulp, paper and energy industries, amongst others. And, thanks to proven expertise with industrial gases such as hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine, Valmet’s Flow Control business line is a ‘go-to’ valve source for the renewable energy sector. Ville Kähkönen and Andreas Pischke kindly discussed the valve needs of this emerging industry.

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Matjaž Matošec

Critical raw materials in the hydrogen sector

Although the implementation of global renewable electricity generation capacity is increasing exponentially, with the goal of tripling it by 2030 as established by COP28, the world’s renewable hydrogen production capacity is lagging behind. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently lowered its five-year forecast for renewable power capacity dedicated to renewable hydrogen production (2023–2028) to 45 GW. It goes without saying that the hydrogen sector will require a substantial amount of critical raw materials (CRMs), for instance, for fuel cells, electrolysers, hydrogen separation, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen transport.

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