World’s first fully automated electrolyzer production plant opened

Nel Heroya facility
Nel has opened a new electrolyzer production facility at Herøya, Norway. This pioneering plant, which is fully automated, currently has 500 MW of production capacity for alkaline electrolyzers. With further investment, this figure can be quadrupled to reach 2 GW.

Nel aims to deliver green hydrogen at $1.5/kg. To achieve this goal, capex must be reduced to a quarter of today’s level, according to the company.

“Half of the savings we need to make will come from scale-up and increased efficiency in production. The rest will come from the economy of scale, and from effective industrial partnerships,” said Jon André Løkke, Nel’s CEO.

In the next step, Nel hopes to industrialize its PEM technology in the US in a similar way as at the new Herøya facility. The company is also investing a lot of capital in the development of concepts as large as 800 MW and beyond based on 20, 100, 200 MW building blocks.

“Our large-scale concepts allow us to optimize the overall capex and realize synergies to reduce cost”, added Løkke.

“Nel’s new factory at Herøya is a step in the right direction towards a future without emissions. In a growing hydrogen market, even more electrolysers are needed, and it will be a sign of quality that the electrolysers are marked ‘Made in Norway’”, said Terje Lien Aasland, Minister of Energy and Petroleum. “Norway has competitive and competent industrial environments that can contribute to hydrogen development. Not least at Herøya.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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