thyssenkrupp nucera names its 20 MW alkaline electrolysis module ‘scalum’

thyssenkrupp nucera has introduced a new product name for its 20 MW alkaline electrolysis module, which will henceforth be called ‘scalum’. The new product name is derived from the term ‘scale’ and pays tribute to the module’s scalability, interconnecting multiple modules to very high plant capacities.

Scalability plays a central role in the use of green hydrogen as a new, carbon-free energy source of the future. With the decarbonization of energy-intensive industry imminent, large-scale water electrolysis plants have to be used to produce this climate-friendly energy carrier using renewable energy. This will minimize the industry’s carbon footprint.

Alkaline water electrolysis technology has proven itself with the longest track record in the green hydrogen production technology area. With several decades of experience, thyssenkrupp nucera’s chlor-alkali electrolysis technology is a strong base for their water electrolyzers.

“To reliably represent capacities to produce green hydrogen on a scale of several hundred megawatts or even gigawatts of power, our equipment must guarantee a high degree of scalability and availability,” said Dr. Christoph Noeres, Head of Green Hydrogen at thyssenkrupp nucera. “Our product name ‘scalum’ reflects this quality promise that we make to our customers and by which we measure ourselves.”

The launch of the new product name marks the next milestone in the long-term development of the thyssenkrupp nucera brand. At the beginning of last year, the electrolysis specialist unveiled its brand identity with the new company name thyssenkrupp nucera. It symbolizes the dawn of a new era of innovation, transformation and green energy as a decisive contribution to climate neutrality.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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