Smoltek awarded new patent targeting green hydrogen industry

Smoltek, a Swedish nanotech company, today announced it has been awarded the first patent of a new patent family internally called Electro Catalyst Support, which is targeting the production of green hydrogen. This innovation discloses how Smoltek’s carbon nanofibers can support the iridium catalyst load in a PEM electrolyzer in a better way.

The Electro Catalyst Support is the first patent of a new patent family regarding the use of Smoltek’s core technology in electrochemical cells and, more specifically, how its technology could radically decrease the amount of iridium catalyst load in PEM water electrolyzer cells as well as increase the output per area of the cell.

Fabian Wenger, Head of R&D at Smoltek Hydrogen, commented: “With this new patent family Smoltek expands its IP portfolio to include the field of green hydrogen production. This is a breakthrough for us as we now can be a key supplier of technical solutions that enable the hydrogen industry to scale up the production of PEM electrolyzers.”

The Electro Catalyst Support patent family is covering an electrolyzer and a method for producing a catalyst supported on a nanostructure. The innovation relates to devices used in electrolysis.

The approved claims cover an electrolyzer containing elongated, vertically oriented nanostructures used to create a connection between the catalyst particles on the protected nanostructure and in contact with the membrane providing conducting paths for both ions and electrons. The technology is suitable for nanostructures that are at least partially covered by a protective layer designed to increase resistance to corrosion (i.e., so they are durable for use on the anode side of the PEM electrolyzer).

Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 80 granted patents.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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