Skyblue Smart Equipment’s electrolyzer acquires European safety certifications

Skyblue Smart Equipment has announced that its ‘Tlec No. 1’ 1,000 Nm³/h alkaline electrolyzer has passed the Bureau Veritas’ HAZOP analysis and obtained its SIL assessment certification as well as explosion-proof certification in accordance with the ATEX Directive.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Lopal Technology, the holding company of Skyblue Smart Equipment, is one of the few publicly listed companies in China that has effectively ventured into hydrogen production, storage, and utilization within the energy sector. The company’s commitment to addressing the growing demand for large-scale hydrogen production from renewable energy sources led to the development of the Tlec No. 1 alkaline electrolyzer.

Li Jianwei, Director of the Hydrogen Production Department at Skyblue Smart Equipment, emphasized that safety is the paramount concern in their equipment R&D process, aligning with Jiangsu Lopal Technology’s internationalization of new energy resources enterprise platform and robust R&D capabilities.

In terms of manufacturing, the company has implemented a semi-automatic production line to enhance product stability and consistency. Significant improvements have been made in the design of the electrolyzer cell, the gas-liquid separator, and the electrolyte circulation system. Utilizing a new type of electrode spraying process, Tlec No. 1 is equipped with a new generation of diaphragm, resulting in substantial enhancements in the electrolyzer’s lifespan, hydrogen production efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Collectively, these equipment features significantly enhance product safety.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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