SIAD MI compressors to support green conversion in metal production sector

Nel Hydrogen has ordered three SIAD MI compressors to be combined with a new 20 MW electrolysis plant that will supply the Ovako rolling mill in Hofors, Sweden. This plant is the first in the world to use hydrogen to heat steel before hot forming, replacing the propane currently used to power the furnaces.

This concept has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions for Ovako’s total steel operations by 50%.

SIAD MI’s supply, which consists of two reciprocating compressors for hydrogen (model HMS4-4) and one reciprocating compressor for oxygen (model MS3-3), is the first order included in the framework agreement between SIAD MI and Nel for the supply of compression equipment to support the electrolysers produced by the Norwegian company.

The two hydrogen compressors, built with oil-free technology, have been engineered to handle process gas automatically at low pressures and variable flow rates, ensuring safety, operational continuity and energy savings. The layout, tailored to the customer’s specific needs, has been optimized to offer the best accessibility without sacrificing any performance.

The oxygen compressor will be used to recover this gas, produced by the electrolysis of water, and feed it at a higher pressure into the production process. To avoid the risk of corrosion due to the presence of water and potassium hydroxide in the gas from the electrolysis process, SIAD MI carefully selected the materials, opting for stainless steel. Each component was also specifically analysed, with final validation by a specialized third-party company.

The order is scheduled to be delivered in spring 2023. Once fully operational, the project will enable the heating furnaces to be fuelled with fossil-free hydrogen and oxygen, contributing to the green conversion of a typically hard-to-abate sector.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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