RWE, Neptune Energy join forces to accelerate offshore H2 production

RWE and Neptune Energy have signed a Joint Development Agreement to develop the offshore green hydrogen demonstration project H2opZee before 2030. The project will support the ramp-up of hydrogen economy in the Netherlands and is among the world’s first of its kind and scale.

H2opZee is a demonstration project which aims to realise 300–500 MW of electrolyser capacity far out in the Dutch North Sea, in order to produce green hydrogen by using offshore wind. An existing pipeline will be used to transport hydrogen to land. The pipeline has a capacity of 10–12 GW, which makes it already suitable for the further roll-out of green hydrogen production to gigawatt scale in the North Sea.

The project consists of two phases. In the first phase, a feasibility study will be carried out and an accessible knowledge platform set up. In the second phase, the project will be implemented. For that phase, a tender methodology has yet to be defined.

The gained knowledge and expertise will strengthen the competitive position of Dutch industry, help to establish the value chain of offshore wind and green hydrogen production in the Netherlands, and deliver technology and knowledge that can be exported worldwide.

Lex de Groot, Managing Director of Neptune Energy in the Netherlands, said: “We see an important role for green hydrogen in the future energy supply. It can be produced in our own North Sea. The energy transition can be faster, cheaper and cleaner if we integrate existing gas infrastructure into new systems. This infrastructure is technically suitable. As a result, for example, no new pipeline at sea is needed and no new landfall needs to be made through the coastal area. With the PosHYdon pilot we are one of the leaders in this field of offshore energy system integration and reuse. The lessons learned from this project apply to H2opZee. The faster we can scale up green hydrogen at sea, the faster industry such as chemicals and steel production can become more sustainable. With H2opZee, the Netherlands is becoming a world leader in this area.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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