NextHeat, Stargate Hydrogen join forces to decarbonize industrial heat

NextHeat, an engineering company specializing in hydrogen combustion and process heat, and Stargate Hydrogen, a manufacturer of alkaline electrolyzer stacks and systems, have announced their collaboration to decarbonize the industrial sector by replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen.

By integrating Stargate’s Stellar stack technology with a streamlined balance of plant system, this collaboration will pave the way for one of the first electrolyzers in the market that is specifically designed to provide carbon-free industrial heat.

The innovative electrolysis concept will be integrated with NextHeat’s green energy procurement approach, compliant with RED II requirements for green hydrogen production, and NextHeat’s hydrogen burners. This integration yields a comprehensive solution for industrial clients committed to achieving climate-neutral production.

The solution is applicable to a wide range of processes requiring high-temperature heat. Examples of its applications include the automotive industry, such as aluminum melting ovens, the ceramic industry for sintering processes, and the glass industry for glass melting.

This partnership is also primed for scaling up the developed solution and ensuring the delivery of electrolyser stacks for additional systems, contributing significantly to the growth of the green hydrogen industry. NextHeat envisions the first demonstration project as the foundation for a lasting partnership, with plans to acquire stack units from Stargate Hydrogen from 2024 onwards, aiming to exceed 100 MW by 2028. NextHeat and Stargate Hydrogen are eager to see the fruits of their collaboration, which promises to be pivotal in advancing hydrogen production technology and green industrial heat with NextHeat’s innovative burner technology.

Marko Virkebau, CEO of Stargate, said: “Stargate’s strategy is expansion via collaborations and the partnership with NextHeat allows us to delve into the innovative use case of hydrogen as industrial heat. Compared to other projects, this venture motivates us to design an electrolyser system where the purity of hydrogen takes a backseat, while our primary focus lies on creating a robust and user-friendly solution with the best-levelized cost of hydrogen in mind.”

Fernando Reichert, Founder of NextHeat, added: “After conducting extensive market research, we have identified Stargate’s technology as the perfect fit for our application, specifically in the utilization of hydrogen in industrial ovens. Our collaboration with Stargate enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, empowering them to produce and utilize green hydrogen locally. This not only replaces fossil fuels but also paves the way for climate-neutral industrial production.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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