NewHydrogen’s catalyst outperforms platinum in lab studies

The latest results from NewHydrogen’s research show significant progress toward the goal of producing low-cost green hydrogen. Electrolyzers currently rely on expensive rare materials. The company is focused on developing electrolyzer catalysts that are cheaper and better.

In the recent tests, single-atom catalysts for hydrogen evolution reactions (HER) that do not use platinum were directly compared to commercial platinum-based HER catalysts. Within the practical range of metal loading, the single-atom catalyst has consistently shown to have lower overpotential with higher mass activity. In the stability test, the catalyst was significantly more stable than a commercial platinum-based HER catalyst.

Ideal drop-in replacement

“The high durability over prolonged usage as well as its superior catalytic ability over the commercial platinum-based HER catalysts makes our catalyst an ideal drop-in replacement for platinum in alkaline hydrogen electrolyzers, and more importantly, in the anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers in the future. Not only is our HER catalyst raw material less expensive than platinum, our single-atom catalyst performs better than platinum,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen. “Going forward, we plan to incorporate this breakthrough catalyst into a full prototype electrolyzer. We will continue to explore additional improvements to maximize the overall performance.” 

Green hydrogen generator

NewHydrogen recently announced that it will deploy its own green hydrogen generator which will allow it to demonstrate economic viability and new technology under development. Doing so will provide another test site for the company’s HER catalysts for alkaline electrolyzers.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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