LifeGuard Technologies launches safety hose for liquid hydrogen transfer

LifeGuard Technologies has announced the development of a new vacuum jacketed safety hose specifically designed for liquid hydrogen and helium transfer. To allow liquid hydrogen transport at an extremely low temperature of -252.9°C, the new hose is equipped with the required insulation.

Additionally, the vacuum technology features LifeGuard’s patented and patent-pending internal shutoff system which is built into the hose. This system utilizes an engineered and patented compression spring system with two non-return valves installed within each fitting. These valves separate under a controlled condition, causing the internal valves to engage and the piping to remain intact, with flow stopped on both ends of the hose, preventing product loss in the event of an emergency separation.

Andy Abrams, Executive Vice President of LifeGuard Technologies explained that the advancement of this new safety hose application was jointly developed with its sister company GPSS India and Shell-N-Tube of India. Leveraging LifeGuard Technologies’ deep hydrogen hose application knowledge, with Shell-N-Tube’s materials science expertise and process engineering capabilities, enabled the company to create ‘the safest liquid hydrogen hose available’.

“At a time when the hydrogen industry is on the cusp of massive expansion, it is critical that safety lead the way. Now, liquid hydrogen transfer can have the same technological safety features that our LPG, NH3 and high-pressure hydrogen and atmospheric gas hoses have enjoyed for more than 20 years,” said Andy Abrams.

According to Khushal Mehta, Director – Business Operations, Shell-N-Tube, “safety and reliability is paramount in the handling and transfer of Liquid Hydrogen, which has been the driver in developing this liquid hydrogen transfer hose. We have leveraged our experience in the design and manufacturing of vacuum insulated hydrogen hoses for the Indian Space program to provide the same quality vacuum insulated liquid hydrogen hose for the gas industry.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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