Johnson Matthey to digitise H₂ fuel cell manufacturing with Infor

Johnson Matthey has selected Infor MES manufacturing execution system to digitise manufacturing operations, boost efficiency and traceability, and underpin ambitious growth plans for its hydrogen technologies business unit. The company will deploy Infor at its fuel cell plant in Swindon, UK.

Set to play a key role in the decarbonisation of mobility, hydrogen technologies are a strategic business for Johnson Matthey. Following years of research and development efforts, the business is now investing to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities to meet demand and drive growth.

After a thorough assessment of the market and a competitive bid process, Johnson Matthey decided to invest in Infor MES to scale up its production of hydrogen fuel cells. By integrating machines and plant equipment with business systems, Infor MES will deliver real-time control over operations, supporting operators with every task they have to perform.

“We recognised the need to invest in functionally-rich systems to keep pace with the increasing demand for hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers,” said Simon Jones, Operations Director of Hydrogen Technologies at Johnson Matthey.  “Infor MES will allow us to ramp up production to meet customer demand and fulfil our ambitious growth plans.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Johnson Matthey in such an innovative and exciting industry,” commented Andrew Kinder, SVP of Industry and Solution Strategy at Infor. “Te decarbonisation sector is fast moving with innovation at its very heart, so it requires solutions that can deliver real value quickly. Infor MES is perfectly placed to deliver this value, underpinning crucial digital transformation for our customers’ manufacturing operations.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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