ITM Power releases 20 MW core electrolysis process module

ITM Power announced today the release of POSEIDON, its new ‘cutting-edge’ 20 MW core electrolysis process module. Engineered by ITM incorporating real-world lessons learned from commercial projects, this standardised module with optimised footprint is replicable for scaling up into large-scale plants.

POSEIDON consists of skid-mounted units, which can be pre-fabricated and pre-tested. This reduces deployment timelines and construction costs, and de-risks projects.

The module is based on ITM’s state-of-the-art stack technology, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, and can be efficiently integrated into the balance of plant.

Dennis Schulz, CEO of ITM Power, commented: “Green hydrogen project sizes continue to scale, and ITM is responding with a new product release. POSEIDON is a game-changer for large-scale electrolyser deployments.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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