Hipebaric, Lhyfe sign supply agreement for high-pressure H2 compressors

Hiperbaric, a Spanish developer of high-pressure technologies, has signed an agreement with Lhyfe to supply hydrogen compressors that the French green hydrogen producer will use for selected projects in Europe in the coming years. For Hiperbaric, the agreement is the largest of its kind to date.

The first Lhyfe projects to use Hiperbaric technology for generation, compression and filling of pressurized hydrogen will be located in France and Germany, with first commissioning planned for the end of 2023.

“For us it is a milestone and a great recognition that one of the world’s pioneers in the production of green and renewable hydrogen such as Lhyfe has chosen us as the most reliable compressor partner to accompany them in future projects,” said Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric. “It represents a breakthrough to expand our technology throughout the continent in the current energy challenge facing Europe and on whose roadmap green hydrogen takes on a strategic value to reduce carbon emissions.”

Hiperbaric’s hydrogen compression technology is based on a reciprocal and ‘oil-free’ piston. As a result of the company’s experience and its R&D efforts, it approaches an isothermal compression process, allowing high reliability and reducing energy consumption. Due to its innovative design, the number of moving parts of the compressor is reduced, which achieves great durability in the compression system, with a life cycle of more than 10 years. The Hiperbaric compressor range includes its cooling systems and is able to compress hydrogen from an inlet pressure of 20 bar to 200–950 bar for filling storage tanks.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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