Green Hydrogen Systems, BWSC expand collaboration on green hydrogen projects

Green Hydrogen Systems and BWSC, an international engineering company and service provider, have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to expand their collaboration on green hydrogen projects. This agreement is a continuation of the collaboration between the two companies on the installation of the X-Series prototype at GreenLab in Skive, Denmark.

With this collaboration, Green Hydrogen Systems and BWSC aim to offer full hydrogen plants with pre-engineered and optimised site layout based on Green Hydrogen Systems’ HyProvide X-Series module, targeting green hydrogen projects ranging from 6 to 50 MW in key European markets. This initiative will map the technical and commercial interfaces between Green Hydrogen Systems and BWSC, paving the way for optimised solutions to mid-scale hydrogen and Power-to-X projects, leading to reduced time and risk during project maturation and execution and improved overall hydrogen plant economics.

Søren Rydbirk, Chief Commercial Officer at Green Hydrogen Systems, commented: “We are excited to announce a continuation of our successful collaboration with BWSC. Our cooperation on the HyProvide X-Series prototype site at Greenlab proves the value of our joint efforts and collaborative mindset. We believe this collaboration will contribute to accelerated project development and execution, benefiting green hydrogen projects across Europe.”

Dimitris Likouressis, Chief Commercial Officer at BWSC, stated: “We believe that the engineering knowledge and construction experience of BWSC, along with our strong belief in building trusted partnerships and active contribution in the green transition, is complementary to the technology capability of Green Hydrogen Systems. Together, we can achieve more and simplify and de-risk procurement and construction of full hydrogen plants. We are proud to be part of the solution.”

The collaboration between Green Hydrogen Systems and BWSC is non-exclusive, allowing both parties to replicate similar collaboration agreements with other entities, supporting openness and innovation within the green hydrogen sector.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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