Gaznat inaugurates GreenGas project featuring Green Hydrogen Systems’ electrolyser

Gaznat's GreenGas project
Gaznat AG, a Swiss company supplying and transporting high-pressure natural gas to western Switzerland, has inaugurated the GreenGas project. This power-to-gas project will test the industrial-scale development of CO₂-neutral renewable gases, such as methane and hydrogen.

At the heart of the power-to-gas plant lies a 0.5 MW containerised electrolyser module supplied by Green Hydrogen System.

The 1219 solar panels installed on the control and monitoring buildings at Gaznat’s Innovation Lab site produce 500 MWh of renewable electricity annually. Green Hydrogen Systems’ electrolyser converts renewable power into green hydrogen and, combined with CO₂ captured on industrial sites in Switzerland, is injected into a methanation reactor, producing synthesis gas with the same characteristics as natural gas while being CO₂ neutral.

At the inauguration held on 30 August, Gilles Verdan, Director of the Network department at Gaznat, stated that the first injections of synthesis gas into the gas network took place during the commissioning and performance testing phases. A regular production and injection of synthesis gas is planned when all the performance tests have been carried out later in the year.

Søren Rydbirk, Chief Commercial Officer of Green Hydrogen Systems, commented: ”We are pleased to see this significant milestone for Gaznat’s innovative GreenGas project featuring one of our plug-and-play containerised 0.5 MW A90 electrolyser modules. The project milestone also confirms the commercial competitiveness of our standardised, modular, and factory-acceptance-tested A-Series electrolyser product. And it is another step in the ongoing roll-out of electrolysers to various hydrogen projects of different applications worldwide.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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