EvolOH to build 3.75 GW AEM electrolyzer plant in Massachusetts

EvolOH has announced that it will build a manufacturing plant in Massachusetts for the fabrication and assembly of its anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzer stacks. When fully operational, this facility will have a capacity for up to 3.75 GW per year of electrolyzer stacks, making it the largest in the world.

The proprietary compact cell-stacking and high power-density design used in EvolOH’s NautilusTM series stacks was created for high-speed manufacturing using low-cost materials that only require domestic supply chains and no precious metals.

The company claims that its electrolyzers provide the lowest capital and operating costs for green hydrogen production when operated using pure water. With power ratings up to 5 MW (2 tonnes per day) for a single stack, and 50 MW (20 tonnes per day) for a single containerized module, EvolOH’s stacks are designed for large-scale power-to-hydrogen facilities.

The Massachusetts plant will be called EvolOH’s Manufacturing Center of Excellence and will combine development facilities and staff with a single line of EvolOH’s high-speed manufacturing process. Facility work will begin later this year, with manufacturing to commence in 2025. EvolOH’s second manufacturing plant, planned to break ground in 2026, will have the capacity to make up to 15 GW per year of electrolyzer stacks.

Dr. Jimmy Rojas, CEO of EvolOH, said: “Since EvolOH’s founding our target was not just to develop a better, less expensive electrolysis technology, but also to develop a better, less expensive electrolyzer manufacturing process. Our Manufacturing Center of Excellence is the first step in those efforts, and we will continue to push the boundaries of our technology for lower cost and higher speed.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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