Enapter secures its largest single European order to date for megawatt-class AEM Nexus 1000 electrolysers

Enapter has secured further orders for its megawatt-class electrolyser, the AEM Nexus 1000, marking the largest single order from Europe in the company’s history. Enapter will supply three AEM Nexus multicore-class units, each with a 1 MW capacity, to the logistics company CFFT SpA.

Among its various operations, CFFT SpA manages a harbour near Rome. There, the Enapter electrolysers will be utilized in a hydrogen refuelling system, powered by sustainably generated electricity.

Additionally, another Italian firm, F.i.l.m.s SpA, part of the OMCD Group, has ordered a 1 MW AEM Nexus 1000 electrolyser. This metalworking company, specialising in hard metal parts, traditionally relied on conventionally produced hydrogen delivered to its site. The installation of the Enapter electrolyser will enable the company to generate green hydrogen from renewable energy sources on-site, directly integrating it into its gas mix for furnaces. F.i.l.m.s aims to progressively phase out the use of climate-impacting natural gas in its processes, shifting towards green hydrogen to the greatest extent possible.

The two contracts concluded in Italy have an order volume in the upper seven-figure euro range. Jürgen Laakmann, CEO of Enapter, said: “More and more companies are focusing on their own energy production from wind and sun. Customers are increasingly opting for scalable, iridium-free electrolysers to ensure that they can plan for further expansion. With our iridium-free AEM technology, we can offer the flexibility required for operation and expansion with renewable energies. Our success in the Italian market shows that we are ideally positioned to support industrial companies in providing important impetus for the energy transition.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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