Burckhardt Compression launches oil-free hydrogen compressor solution

The large high-pressure piston compressor solutions are specifically designed for hydrogen trailer filling and fuel stations with high mass flows.

They are designed for mass flows above 150 kg/h, helping to reduce the required number of deployed compressors per hydrogen trailer filling or fuel station. The high-pressure hydrogen compressor has been developed and successfully tested at Burckhardt Compression’s in-house testing facility in Switzerland.

Optimized configuration

During these tests, the critical components, oil-free high-pressure piston sealing and packings, have proven their mechanical and sealing performance at 550 bar discharge pressure. The optimized configuration has been selected and the durability tests to prove competitive wear rates are ongoing.

Scale up volumes

With this milestone in the development of oil-free high-pressure piston compressor sealing technology, Burckhardt Compression will be able to support the hydrogen economy to scale up the volumes in hydrogen trailer filling and fuel stations in the most cost-efficient way over the installation’s lifetime.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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