Bramble Energy develops modular electrolyzer technology

Bramble Energy is working on applying innovative solutions developed in the manufacturing of the company’s fuel cell technology to electrolyzers.

The company’s patent-protected fuel cell is manufacturable at scale at any printed circuit board (PCB) factory worldwide, and is said to represent the only low-cost, adaptable, recyclable, rapidly rechargeable and high-power density electrification solution. Bramble Energy is now moving to make electrolyzers for the production of clean hydrogen using this same scalable technology.

No more additional stress

The company sees incumbent electrolyzer technologies as large, expensive, complicated, and often unreliable installations that are connected as interdependent stacks. The issue with this type of technology, they claim, is that these units take a long time to start up and shut down only to be run for short periods of time (to service current demand). This is said to cause additional stresses on an already fragile technology. Once one part of the unit fails, the whole unit goes down, the entire station goes down, requiring lengthy repair times and periods of downtime to customers.

Printed system

Developing electrolyzer units with genuine modularity, simplifying their construction, installation and communication, and solving the problem of complexity of manufacturing, material choices and CAPEX investment would solve these and many other problems, according to Bramble Energy. With the aim of providing a solution to some of these challenges, the company is now developing a printed circuit board electrolyzer (PCBEL) system. This modular electrolyser solution focusses on two key pillars: reliability and affordability.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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