Asahi Kasei starts operation of multi-module green hydrogen pilot plant in Kawasaki

Asahi Kasei has officially opened a new hydrogen pilot plant in Kawasaki, Japan. Operation start of this commercial-scale facility was in March 2024. The trial operation of four 0.8 MW modules is another milestone towards the realization of a commercial multi-module 100 MW alkaline water electrolysis system for green hydrogen production.

The Japanese technology company is currently developing the Aqualyzer™ alkaline water electrolyzer, optimized for green hydrogen production. In the pilot plant, four 0.8 MW Aqualyzer™ modules are being operated under realistic conditions, including maintenance periods and low power supply at night. The equipment is also designed to simulate fluctuating power input from solar or wind sources. By utilizing data from these trials, Asahi Kasei will further optimize the design, operation methods, and control technology of the electrolysis system. With its multi-module approach, the company aims to combine up to ten modules with a capacity of 10 MW each, enabling commercial large-scale electrolysis systems with a capacity of up to 100 MW.

Asahi Kasei’s hydrogen business is built on over four decades of experience in large-scale chlor-alkali electrolysis. Aiming for a total sales volume of ¥100 billion (€600 million) by 2030, the company plans to start commercial activities for its alkaline water electrolyzers in 2025.

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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